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A 3D CFD modeling for assessing the effects of both longitudinal slope and traffic volume on user safety within a naturally ventilated road tunnel in the event of a fire accidentCaliendo, C., Genovese, G., Russo, I.IATSS Research2022DOILinkPDF
A 3D computational fluid dynamics model for assessing the concrete spalling of a tunnel lining in the event of a fireCaliendo, C., Russo, I.Computers and Geotechnics2022DOILinkPDF
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Injury severity prediction of cyclist crashes using random forests and random parameters
logit models
Scarano, A., Rella Riccardi, M., Mauriello, F., D’Agostino, C., Pasquino, N., Montella, A.Accident Analysis and Prevention2023DOILinkPDF
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Older Drivers' Performance at Intersections: An Experimental Study in ItalyDistefano, N., Leonardi, S.Civil Engineering and Architecture2022DOILinkPDF
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Photovoltaic Roundabouts for Enhancement of Self-Sufficiency and ResiliencyLeonardi, S., Tina, G.M., Distefano, N.Applied System Innovation2022DOILinkPDF
Resilience assessment of a twin-tube motorway tunnel in the event of a traffic accident or fire in a tubeCaliendo, C., Russo, I., Genovese, G.Applied Sciences2022DOILinkPDF
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